The best care

Our medical centre is made up of several hardworking individuals who ensure our patients attain the best care.

We currently have;

- 5 GP's

- 1 Practice Manager

- 1 Practice Nurse

- 4 Receptionists

Besides having access to the staff above, you can also request from our receptionists to see the staff below, should you need to;

- District Nurse, whose responsibility is to look after home bound patients, taking blood, BP check, and remove stitching, dressing wounds, etc.

Health Visitor takes care of children under 5, They can also offer help in child abuse cases under The Child Protection Act.

Midwife helps women during pregnancy. Antenatal appointments can be arranged with a receptionist.

Dr. H.I. Swedan
Dr. S.K. Swedan
Dr. R. Shroff
Dr. Z. Munshi
Dr. A. Shaikh






Claremont Medical Centre

27 Claremont Road, Walthamstow, E17 5RJ

Tel: 0208 527 1888


Under the Data Protection act 1998, NHS staff use your information to give you the care and treatment you need. This makes caring for you safer, easier and faster. Information is shared if your GP refers you to a hospital, you are moved from one hospital to another, you need support at home, such as a visit from a district nurse, or NHS 111 refers you to a GP or another part of the NHS.